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Nuremberg Trials

Courtroom 600, Zepplin Field and the Documentation Center

To round out our trip to Nuremberg, we went to the Nazi parade grounds and went to see Courtroom 600 where the Nuremberg Trials took place.

Courtroom 600 is located in the Palace of Justice which was in a different part of Nuremberg. The Palace of Justice was selected to hold the trials because it was relatively undamaged in the war and included a large prison area. Additionally, Nuremberg had been the site of the Nazi propaganda rallies, so holding the postwar trials there marked the symbolic end of Hitler’s government, the Third Reich. Above the courtroom, was Nuremberg Trials Memorial, which was excellent. It had various displays and video footage from the trials. It also provided an above view to the courtroom. The courtroom has been modified since the trials and is smaller. It's also still an activity used courtroom, especially for murder trials. So, it is best to visit Courtroom 600 on the weekends right when it opens, as it gets crowded.

Palace of Justice:

Courtroom 600:

The Nuremberg Trials Memorial was excellent. It was very powerful to see the footage of the trials, the sentencing and to hear the defendants speak. It continues to baffle me how such evil exists in the world.

This was the electrical unit which supported the courtroom:

This is the courtroom from above, in the memorial:

These are views from the memorial of the surrounding area:

From the Palace of Justice, we moved onto Zepplin Field which is where the Nazi propaganda rallies where held. A soccer stadium sits near the field now.

Our last stop was the Nazi Documentation Center which is in the unfinished Congress Hall. The museum has a permanent exhibition entitled "Fascination and Terror" which explains the rise and fall of National Socialism and the Nazi Party. It was also excellent.

Nuremberg was a fantastic city and I would most definitely return. It was easy to get around and English was commonly spoken. There is so much history there and a lot to see. It was pretty surreal to visit the courtroom and field. It is my opinion that we learn from the mistakes of the past so as not to repeat them in the future.

On to the next adventure...

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Old Town and Christmas Market

Greetings! Our next adventure took us to Nuremberg, Germany. Germany was high on our list of places to visit and we decided on Nuremberg not only for the history of the city, but we were told Nuremberg had one of the best Christmas Markets in all of Europe. We also decided to take the train up to Bamberg for a day to visit and to check out Schlenkerla, the world famous and historic smoke beer brewery. I'll talk about Bamberg in a separate post as well as more of the history of Nuremberg.

We had a relatively short flight with Ryanair right into the Nuremberg Airport. We then took the wonderful German trains to our AirBnb. The trains in Germany were fantastic and very easy to use. We got a Mobi card which allowed us unlimited use for the few days we were there for about €26. Germany uses the euro(€) for its currency and it can be tricky in Germany because a lot of places are cash only. After arriving, we set out to go into Old Town Nuremberg for a tour of the Imperial Castle and to take in the city.

AirBnb Nuremberg: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/16068041?source_impression_id=p3_1576997220_A9y0H3N38Tx2TxIN

Views of Nuremberg:

Church of Our Lady - Frauenkirche:

White Tower:

Schöner Brunnen is a 14th-century fountain located on Nuremberg's main market area:

This a a picture of Albrecht Dürer's house. He was a German painter, printmaker, and theorist of the German Renaissance in the 1400-1500s.

Imperial Castle of Nuremberg: https://www.kaiserburg-nuernberg.de/englisch/castle/
The castle was really interesting as it sat on a hilltop at the top of Old Town. Its history dates back to the 1050s.

We opted for a demonstration of the deep well at the castle. The well reportedly dates back to the fourteenth century and was dug 50 meters down into the rock. During the demo, the guide poured a pitcher of water into the well, it was so interesting to hear the water splash down eventually as it took several seconds due to the depth.

The Christmas Market in Nuremberg was AMAZING! I caveat this statement with the fact that I'd never been to a Christmas Market before and have no comparison, but I had heard many things about this market and it did not disappoint. There was food and drink and local artisans and it was such a neat experience. You can definitely pick up some one-of-a-kind momentos there. We also definitely felt safe as there was a strong security presence.

Christkindlesmarkt: https://www.christkindlesmarkt.de/en/


We came across this duo playing music. Their instruments were interesting....yes, those are PVC pipes and yes, she is "playing" them with flip-flops.

Did a little car shopping while we were there...could not resist!

We also had some amazing food in Nuremberg.

Nuremberg was a fantastic city and I would love to go back. We had such a great experience there!

Onto Bamberg...

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